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Software Development

Software Development

Some PMStore functions are the following:

• Data entry and reflect specific details about the identity of the storage material for each of the magnetic tapes and rock samples.
• Receipting then storing in the warehouse.
• Recording of information storage in ways that suit most types of warehouses.
• Process allows the transfer of materials between warehouses and maintains data storage and the former means that a good idea and accurate movement of material within the warehouses were required in the event of the transfer process.
• The process of receiving and delivery and outputting of warehouses are quickly and easily with a great recording cleared data for this process and carrying out in single or in bulk groups.
• Information is recorded shows on each of the receiving or delivering materials and always keeps their records and take advantage of this data in the search process and each event has made.
• Registration is required for the data warehouse inventory and verification of empty spaces and storage capacity.
• Is entered enough data indicating the customers and the quality of the materials stored them?
• The possibility of introducing new types of each material can be stored and types of warehouses and titles used and the method of storage suit.
• The program provides an excellent search engine with the ability to print or send the search result by email or export to Excel.
• The program provides processor and process inventory in different ways suit the purpose of the inventory.
• The issuance of standard reports daily, monthly or annual material movements to and from warehouses, with the possibility of requesting special reports that are commensurate with the size and type and storage methods of the warehouse management of clients.

Additional Options
• Most of fields in PMStore can customized according to clients needs.
• Customized warehouse structure.

·         More than one warehouse can be managed.

Personality customization and editing.

Security Manager:


All activities & functions in PMStore are restricted by permission access according to:

·         Stored material type

·         Managerial Level

·         Reading, Modifying, Adding and deleting data.

Transfer, store, and delivering materials between stores.

Built-in Search Engine:

PMStore include search engine in each type of store materials including documents, tapes, cores and cylinders, this search engine word according to the following criteria:

·         Warehouse

·         Client Name

·         Subject / Area / Box

·         Document / Tape / Core / Cylinder TYPE

·         Document / Tape / Core / Cylinder NUMBER

·         Date range of searching

·         Stored, lend, delivered back, or un-stored magterials

In addition to that, PMStore include built-in reporting system, which gives the user the freedom to customize and build any requested report based on the data base.

One click export report’s data to MS-Excel.

Support graphically view.

All reports could be exported to any type of documents such as pdf, doc, slx, rtf, cvs, html, bmp, gif, tif, jpg, … etc. 



PMStore “Date Management of Warehouse Materials”

A system concerned with the data management of warehouses for magnetic tapes and core rock samples of borehole.
The program manage data of stored magnetic tapes such as ground survey Seismic and samples borehole rocky and in addition to the required details of what these data for both types, that is allow through an advanced search engine to take advantage of this information to get accurate reports about the contents of the warehouses and immediate access to storage areas.
Information is entered through easy interfaces and flexible to accomplish warehousing operations at high speed and excellent accuracy and the software process control for user input through a set of data entry and validation of entries within the parameters of the supported storage for major oil companies, and it prevents input errors ensures the integrity and validity of the data.

Managing Data of Stored materials include :

·         Magnetic TAPES Cartridges

·         CORE Samples (Core, cutting, plug …)

·         Gas CYLINDERS Storage and Transfer

·         Any type of DOCUMENTS


Issuance of barcode according to

Client, Location in Warehouse, and any requested data


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