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Magnetic Tape Copying & Reformatting

Magnetic Tape Copying & Reformatting

Crew International’s Data Management is the industry leader for tape transcription and reformatting services for exploration data. We have the largest capacity and capability of reading and recovering data from any magnetic media or disk ever used throughout the industry’s history of recording seismic data. From original analog tapes to new Tape technology, we are the company that can handle all your data requirements no matter the recording technology.
 We provide a complete set of services from bit-for-bit copy to reformatting/demultiplexing of old legacy formats to standard SEG-Y.
 Our advanced quality control tools ensure the trace data is converted properly and all header information fully populated.

Seismic Tapes Sorting, Cataloging and Archiving
-  Seismic data validation and QC.                                              
-  Seismic navigation data extraction.
- Seismic navigation data transforming.     
- Seismic navigation data merging.
- Seismic navigation data reformatting.
- Seismic interpretation data extraction.
- Seismic interpretation data copying and reformatting.
- Seismic map data extraction and reformatting.

Legacy Data Issues
One serious problem which affects many of the legacy magnetic media is a phenomenon commonly referred to as “stiction”.  Stiction is a degradation of the binder that binds the metallic oxide to the polyethylene tape base.  The cause of the degradation is a hydrolysis action resulting from exposure to humidity or moisture. The resulting deterioration causes the binder to become sticky and adhere to the backside of the tape and to the tape guides and heads.
As the binder becomes sticky, the tape sticks to itself and to the tape drive tape path, and permanent errors will result. Crew International has developed a process which temporarily reverses the stick on process and permits nearly 100% data recovery in most cases.
Quality Control
Quality control is a vital component of our transcription process. QC steps usually include:
 On-screen plots of the data produced with different software types.
 Logs of actual data transcribed are automatically compared with lists produced from provided databases and meta-data. Any anomalies are reported for investigation by our experienced QC staff.
 After transcription, SEG-Y files are plotted and revised against the observer logs provided to insure copy is identical to original.
 Any comments and QC. Checks will be recorded and reported to the client.
• All QC checks will be saved in digital form and sent to client.

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