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Seismic Vectorization Services

Seismic Vectorization Services

Crew International has the experience handling seismic data from around the world. Our in-house vectorizing teams in Egypt can help you to exploit the full potential of your paper archives of seismic data.
 We can scan and vectorize hard-copy seismic sections and shot point. Base maps, and convert them into industry-standard exchange formats SEG-Y and SEG-P1/UKOOA.
 Once in digital format, your seismic data can be conveniently loaded to interpretation workstations for detailed review, interpretation and analysis.

 Our experienced vectorizing teams can regenerate accurate digital seismic data from scanned seismic images using our Seistrack vectorizing software, which reconstructs the output seismic data progressively trace by trace. However, the vectorizing service involves more than just curve tracking. These additional stages ensure that the digital seismic data you receive Back from us is accurate and of the highest standard possible.

Reconciling and Reconstructing Seismic Locations
Our Company understands the importance of accurate navigation records in releasing the full value of seismic data. We pride ourselves on being able to provide fully reconciled SEG-Y data that can be loaded into workstation applications with ease and confidence. 

Modern processing techniques can dramatically improve the quality and signal-to-noise ratio of seismic lines originally shot and processed in the past. After vectorizing, we can apply aditional post-stack processing to enhance the seismic data, or to improve its fit with your existing digital seismic data in the same area. Processing can include - predictive deconvolution, additional time-variant filters, dip filters, migration, and static shifts.

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