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Well Log Scanning and Digitizing

Well Log Scanning and Digitizing

CREW INTERNATIONAL has the largest digitizing capacity and one of the most experienced scanning & digitizing company in the industry utilizing our proprietary Neuralog software.   Auto digitizing for log acres (both linear and logarithmic)

- Log depth shift, automatic interactive and/or bulk shifting
- Dip-meter (Tadpole plot)

Digitizing of Maps and Graphs

CREW INTERNATIONAL specializes in the conversion of hard copy maps information into digital data.  Our extensive knowledge of datum plan es, mapping projections and data input/manipulation ensures the highest quality conversions available today. 

We offer precision data capture of all map forms and drafted information including (Topographical, base map, ele vations, well locations, lease boundaries,  Geological boundaries, interpreted contour/faults, etc.), in addition we are vectorizing non trace data in the seismic sections (e.g. elevation curves, interpreted horizons, faults, etc.).  We provide digital output in a variety of industry standard ASCII formats. 



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