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Scanning Documents

Scanning Documents

We offer a full range of Data Management services including:

  • Site assessment for exploration and production department database and provide all necessary hardware and software tools to execute the scanning services.
  • Provide necessary personnel for document preparation, scanning, indexing, and quality control.
  • Provide output images in industry standard TIFF or PDF/A. or CSV / ASCII / MDB as needed by the client as   needed by the client.
  • Record Existing Physical & Electronic Format in archiving data management software.
  • Provide all outputs that must be compatible for release into electronic document management system.

With experience in data from across mega projects in the globe we can bring our expertise to bear on creating highly relevant and critical information from previously unusable data. Our digital well logs can also be interpreted to provide the customer with a considered appraisal of lithology, porosity fluid saturation and zones.

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