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Crew international for Petroleum and Mining services has signed MOU agreement with CCM consulting Company



CCM Company has worked with leading mining companies on several projects in Egypt, with experienced mining experts in our area. We have a core group of experienced industry specialists who are passionate about the industry.

The both of companies had agreed to corporate multidisciplinary consulting firm specialized in competitive growth strategies, improving performance and increasing operational effectiveness.

With head offices in Egypt, and our branches in North of Africa have accumulated a wide range of expertise with in-depth knowledge of the Arab and African countries and have developed an extensive international network specialized in various skills of consultancy and engineering.

A key element of our strategy has been the capability to combine the latest world-wide technology professional advances with a thorough knowledge of the local socio-economic conditions, to reach solutions that are optimal, cost effective, and practical to implement.

Specialized in development studies and research for national and international companies, public authorities as well as institutions, our expertise falls into four complementary categories:

-       Engineering Consulting

-       Management Consulting

-       Information Technology

-       Supply Raw Material

Our role is to be involved at every stage of project development, from the identification and economic analysis stage to detailed technical design, through work supervision and operational and financial audits to implementation of the most suitable means and system for management. 

Our fully integrated operational network using state of the art communication facilities providing fast and accurate exchange of data and expertise among all our offices.

We are also use its well established collaborative relationships with internationally acclaimed partners which represent a source of exchange of know-how and expertise, and guarantee a permanent access to a wide potential of technical and administrative resources in various skills.

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